Equipe PPCA Toxalim

Toxalim "Prevention and promotion of carcinogenesis by food" team, awarded the INRAE "Research Impact 2020" collective laurel

The PPCF team, recognized for its expertise, generates scientific data, sheds light on debates and advises public decision-makers and manufacturers. Its research directly benefits our health and the future of the meat and processed-meats economic sector.

  • Among the many achievements that have marked 2020 at the INRAE Occitanie-Toulouse center, let us highlight the collective laurel “Impact of research 2020” from INRAE awarded to the team “Prevention and promotion of carcinogenesis by food” (PPCF) led by Fabrice Pierre and Françoise Gueraud, at Toxalim Research Centre in Food Toxicology.
  • The scientific issue is very specific and of importance to society. The link between consumption of red meat, processed meats and colon cancer is at the heart of PPCF's research.
  • The results illustrate that at INRAE, we know how to combine research excellence and impact, an essential capacity to contribute to solving major contemporary challenges through the production of scientific knowledge.

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