Portrait: Sandrine Bruel, from the analysis of toxic compounds to human health preservation

Sandrine Bruel is an INRAE research technician at Toxalim's "Metabolism and Xenobiotics" team. She is responsible for applying different chemical and biochemical methods to investigate the effect of toxic compounds in food safety studies to ensure consumer health.

  • Our colleague Sandrine studies the fate of food contaminants (endocrine disruptors such as bisphenols) and other xenobiotics that can have an impact on human health, by elucidating the stages of their metabolism, i.e. their biotransformation in the body that often allows their detoxification, but which sometimes explains their toxicity (bioactivation).
  • Currently, Sandrine is working on the toxicity of contaminants that can be found in shop receipts. More specifically, these chemicals are color developers in thermal papers, which are often endocrine disruptors and can penetrate the body through the skin.
  • She is also working on the "Next-PlasTox" priority action of the INRAE ​​Human Food Department, which addresses oral exposure to micro(nano)plastics and its toxicological consequences on the intestinal barrier and liver function.

The complete interview ((in French ) is available on INRAE ​​Occitanie-Toulouse Centre Intranet  (restricted access).

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