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Patulin is the most common mycotoxin found in apples and apple-derived products such as juice, cider, compotes and other food intended for young children. Exposure to this mycotoxin is associated with immunological, neurological and gastrointestinal outcomes.
The study of many mycotoxins does not raise difficulties when they are isolated, purified and in quantities sufficient for the usual detection methods used in biology (Chromatography, NMR, Mass Spectrometry, etc). When they are found in a biological fluid (blood, urine…), they are often in infinitesimal amount such as the effect of their biological matrices or the background noise that make their detection and their quantification very delicate.
We have extensively studied, in the past, effects of mycotoxins on the systemic immune response. We turn now our research to the effects of these toxins on the intestine (first target of toxic food) particularly to the toxicity of mixtures of mycotoxins
Within the team we have developed many tools to analyze the effects of mycotoxins in pigs: quantitative PCR and DNA chip to analyze gene expression of the immune response, intestinal explants, contamination experimental and isolation of swine cell types.

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