The Head-of-Unit Hervé Guillou is assisted by a Deputy Head-of-Unit Muriel Mercier-Bonin and a Secretary General Yolande Ginestet (forming the CoDir).

The direction is backed by a scientific council (Dir-Sci), the Council of Unit (CdU) and the college of Team and Platform Leaders (CREP).

Eight Research teams benefit from both administrative support structures and three technological platforms (including 2 GenoToul IBIsA-labelled technological platforms).

A quality-in-research policy, as well as policies of risk prevention and personnel lifelong training are enforced at TOXALIM.

Thematic working groups ("Commissions") contribute to the smooth development of TOXALIM activities. These include:

  • Scientific Animation
  • Scientific Equipments
  • Computer ressources and network
  • Teaching and Training
  • Prospective (ToxAvenir)


Yolande Ginestet
Secretary General
180 chemin de Tournefeuille, BP.93173
F-31027 Toulouse cedex 3, France

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Towards a quality, safety and environment conscious management
9 ACPx8
TOXALIM enforces a strong politicy on PREVENTION, OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY in line with the directives of INRA Toulouse research centre presidency and national Directorate General
Continuing education officers in the research Units (CFUs) are appointed by their Head of Unit and are in charge of collecting the training needs of individual personnel as well as the collective need of research groups or the Unit as a whole.
Bernard Salles was Toxalim's first Head of Unit (2011-2017) with Isabelle Oswald as deputy-head (2016-2017) and Rafael Garcia-Villar as assistant-deputy-head (2011-2017)

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